Hi! I’m Emily. I’m a midwife and mother of 4, believe me I’ve been where you are!

Late night googling with the laptop balanced on my bump, looking for something to calm my fears and for someone to tell me that this wasn’t going to be hell! Everywhere I looked the word pain was never far from the word birth. But there is a different way! I created Bump and Me so that all women could experience a positive and calm pregnancy and birth. My only wish is that you are relaxed and excited as your due date approaches.

After 15 years of midwifery there is nothing I haven’t seen, coupled with my own births of Oscar (9), Ernie (7), Roo (5) and Pip (3), I can tell you that you can have the birth that you want as long as you are ready to work for it. Whether you are looking for Better Birth Preparation, Hypnobirth courses or placenta services, I promise you can make a huge difference to your experience. Give me a shout, let’s ROCK your birth.

Emily x

“Fearless birth is possible, painfree birth is possible, empowering birth is possible. Don’t accept the normal. Grab your birth, own it, rock it and make sure your path to parenthood is awesome.”

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Client Love

“You are truly amazing at your job, and please believe me it really has taken somebody very very special to get me through another pregnancy and that is completely down to you and your special gift for your work and who you are. Some people are more than a job / position and you are one of those people. We think the world of you, and can’t thank you enough, thanks for being you.”


“I had no idea about birth and babies before I did Emily’s course. I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t know what I was signing up for, but by week 2 I could really start seeing what it was all about. It gave me such confidence in knowing how I could support my partner in the birthing process – and I could see how much happier and more relaxed she was as the course progressed. For me it became an absolute no-brainer. Every parent to be should do it!”

Will, 1st baby, Stockport

“Emily really did rock my world! We completed her course for the birth of our first child and boy am I glad we did! We had our dream water home birth and my partner delivered our baby boy when our midwife didn’t arrive. We both had such a fantastic experience and can’t wait to do it again! I absolutely know none of it would have been possible without Emily – she is simply incredible.”

Cat, 1st baby, Poynton