Focusing only on the positive and how you can work with your body to make labour quicker, more straightforward, and a lot more comfortable

What can I say about Hypnobirth that does it justice? If Hypnobirth was an object it would be a bright and shiny unicorn! It’s just awesome! (If it wasn’t for it’s silly name I think all Mums to be would do it, without question.) Thank god I found out about it when I was expecting. Having attending an antenatal course that left me terrified I was willing to try anything, honestly, ANYTHING! I did it, practised like mad and it worked! I had the most amazing birth with Oscar, calm, quiet, comfortable and hand on heart the moment he swam up to me my life changed! I was a Mum, but I was also a bloody superstar! I became a proud, loud, mummy, but I was surrounded by friends who wouldn’t talk about their births, or if they did it was with a shudder. I could see black and white how the preparation I had done had made all the difference. After a painfree 45 minute 2nd labour with only my husband there Ernie arrived, and I was convinced. Hypnobirth is the future!

I trained as a KG Hypnobirth Instructor in 2011 and have been running courses in the Northwest ever since, teaching over 400 couples at the last count. I’m fanatical about making other mums feel like I did.

What is it?

Hypnobirth is an alternative to traditional birth preparation focusing only on the positive and how you can work with your body to make labour quicker, more straightforward, and a lot more comfortable. By removing all fear and anxiety about birth your body will learn how to relax through your contractions making each one efficient and totally manageable.

After 15 years working in the NHS as a midwife I have seen every type of birth imaginable, but it’s the hypnobirths I have been lucky enough to witness that have stuck with me. Watching it in action is amazing, the Mums can’t believe how well it works.

The course includes physiology of birth, hormones of labour, (how to encourage the good hormones and discourage the bad,) self-help in early labour, stages of labour, breathing and relaxation, massage, overcoming anxiety, how to naturally encourage labour, optimal fetal positioning, positions for birth, water birth, complementary therapies, third stage of labour (placenta delivery methods.) and loads more.

After completing the course you can expect to feel completely calm and confident. I want you to have no doubt in your mind that your body knows exactly how to give birth. Research shows your birth will be on average 4 hours shorter, you’re more likely to have a normal delivery and require fewer drugs for pain relief than a birth without Hypnobirth. Like I said, a bright and shining unicorn!


I run courses in small groups at Macclesfield Hospital and in Hale Village. For the dates and times of these please see the upcoming courses and events here.


If you don’t live in the Northwest you can still take my Hypnobirth course. The on-line version of my course allows you to complete it at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Divided up into manageable modules you will receive everything included the group courses, along with a weekly Question and Answer session held in a closed facebook group so you can ask anything you like whilst connecting with other likeminded parents to be.

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Client Love

“You are truly amazing at your job, and please believe me it really has taken somebody very very special to get me through another pregnancy and that is completely down to you and your special gift for your work and who you are. Some people are more than a job / position and you are one of those people. We think the world of you, and can’t thank you enough, thanks for being you.”